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Industrial, Commercial Roof Curb

Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Roof Curbs

Curber Manufacturing Inc. manufactures Roof Curbs, Access Hatches, and Accessories for all types of “Pre-Engineered” Metal Roof and “Conventional” Built-Up Roof Systems.

Our superior Curbs are designed specifically for all types of HVAC Rooftop Units (Make-Up Air, Packaged Heat/Cool Units, Refrigeration, De-Humidification, ERV and HRV Systems, Exhaust Fans, etc.) and all types of roof penetrations (Stacks, Vents, Intakes, etc.) as well as all types and sizes of Skylights. We also manufacture Equipment Hatches and Access Hatches with stock and custom sizing available. All of our products ship as “Complete Weather-Tight systems” which means everything is included (pre-punched & pre-installed Curbs c/w 12 gauge galvanized sub-framing, corrugation closures, insulation retainers, all sealants, fasteners, and installation manuals). Our products are shipped to sites across North America in wooden crates.

Our Roof Curbs are designed to enhance the following roof systems:

  • Standing Seam
  • Screw-down
  • Thermal
  • Foam panel
  • Metal over metal
  • Metal over plywood
  • “Conventional” Built-Up

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Susan Smith
Sales Manager
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Roof Curbs for “Pre-Engineered” Metal Roof Systems and “Conventional” Built-Up Roof Systems.

Rooftop Equipment

  • Make-Up Air Units
  • RTU (Packaged Heat/Cool) Units
  • Refrigeration / Condensing Units
  • De-Humidification Units
  • ERV Systems
  • HRV Systems
  • Exhaust Fans

Roof Penetrations

  • Stacks
  • Vents
  • Intakes

Access Hatches

  • Stock and Custom Sizes

Equipment Hatches

  • Custom Sizes
  • Engineered stamped drawings available

Skylight Curbs

  • Stock and Custom sizes

Knocked-Down Roof Curbs


Roof curbs are an important component of any roof system and investing in the best industry solution is cheap insurance for a worry free outcome. We provide a complete water tight system for a warrantied product when correctly installed.

With nearly 20 years servicing both Canadian and American roofing industries, we have built a reputation of supplying a top-quality product while providing our valued customers with the best solution for their specific needs in a flexible and timely manner.

Roof Penetrations

We provide curbs for both metal buildings as well as conventional buildings. Our metal building curbs are made from 3003 grade aluminum with mitered and welded corners for maximum rigidity while for conventional design we use welded galvanized steel (with knock-down design available). For standing seam roof systems, our design accommodates for metal expansion and contraction allowing for a seamless integration of the curb with the roof system, effectively minimizing chances for any leaks.

Our curbs can be made to match the roof pitch and level the top mating surface or parallel to the roof depending on customer needs. Ridge placed curbs and custom designs are other available options.

Standard Features

  • Aluminum construction with welded mitered corners and water diverter
  • Allows for expansion and contraction of Standing Seam roof systems
  • Complete weather tight installation package with concealed fastener design
  • Insulated walls c/w vapor barrier membrane

Available Options

  • Welded duct supports to match HVAC unit
  • Riveted white Aluminum liner over insulation
  • Galvanized Structural curb for large load applications
  • Side wall continuity angles for optimal load transfer

Curb Adapters

Our curb adapters are custom made to retrofit a new unit over an existing curb. Our adapters are made of welded aluminum with fitted duct supports and reinforcements for the appropriate air handling unit. Our design insures proper load transfer for a structurally sound curb with proper load transfer and minimized air pressure and efficiency losses.

Roof Top Units

We manufacture custom roof curbs to accommodate most HVAC roof top units manufactured in the last 20 years, using our extensive model database. Our roof top curbs are complete with welded in duct supports and reinforced to match the appropriate load requirements. Heavier units may require a structural system, using an inner and outer curb design to isolate the load from the roof panels and allow for expansion and contraction on standing seam metal roofs.

Knockdown Curbs

For conventional buildings we offer an affordable alternative to our traditional welded curb design. Our knockdown curbs are made of galvanized steel and are easily field assembled via precisely located tabs which are hammered over for a tight fit.